Mynbeth Capital Limited

Oluwaseun Adekoya

Oluwaseun Adekoya has a well-established background in banking industry where she honed her skills for almost a decade and specialized in correspondent banking & structured finance. She closed several portfolios of transactions at competitive rates to support the bank’s businesses in trade and structured finance, agriculture, real estates, SMEs among other sectors. These successes did not only optimize returns for the bank but also assisted the beneficiaries to expand their business capacities and enhanced profitability.

In addition to being the Senior Partner of Mynbeth Capital Limited, Oluwaseun is also licensed in Canada as certified Financial Advisor and Insurance Broker in Life, Accident and Sickness. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Babcock University, a professional certification for life license qualification program in Canada and an active member of the International Society of Female Professionals in United States of America.